Like Coming Home (Various Artists)

The latest Ruby Release, featuring Sarah McInnis, Kimberly Matheson, Ellen Torrie and Rebecca Fairless.

Title Track: Like Coming Home (by Rebecca Fairless)

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Blues On Mainstreet (John B. Main)

This Album was recorded at the Sound Market Studio in Wolfville, mixed and mastered by Scott Hupman and features an 8 piece band, including horn section. John Main‘s band took a total of three hours in the recording studio to get this baby into the can…

Sample from Blues on Mainstreet: John B. Main: No Scotch, No Gin

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Valley Vibrations (Andy Flinn)

Andy Flinn‘s second solo release. This album was recorded live off the floor of the Hupman Brothers studio on the weekend of March 25/26 2017. The band included drums/bass/guitar as well as a 3 piece horn section. Click on the image to by from the Artist directly.

Sample: I Cannot Choose Your Reasons

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This Place (Various Artists)

A compilation of 10 original songs from 10 Annapolis Valley NS artists bound with the theme, This Place.



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Let the Good News Ring (Various Artists)

Let the Good News Ring: Christmas Songs from the Annapolis Valley, celebrates the Christmas spirit and the creative spirit with 14 artists and 14 original songs. We recorded some of the Annapolis Valley’s finest singers and musicians, who brought to the sessions some of the finest crafted Christmas songs you’ll ever hear. I know you will enjoy listening to these songs as much as we enjoyed recording them.

Sample: The Good News (Caleb Miles)

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Sweet Spot (Kimberly Matheson)

Songs arising from my life, who I meet, where I go and what i think about.

Title Track: Sweet Spot

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Just as I Am (Kimberly Matheson)

13 original songs chronicling Kimberly Matheson’s life journey for the last 3 years.

Sample: Cover Me:

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Never Enough (Kimberly Matheson)

A compelling portrait of an artist coming into her own. The lyrics are inspirational, personal and poetic, delivering a sincere tapestry of emotion. For her many admirers and fans this is as good as it gets. And yet, it’s “Never Enough”.

Sample: Papa’s Quilt

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