Andy & Ariana

Andy and Ariana’s music has been described as a  mix of gypsy, roots, jazz, and blues original music which combines Andy’s guitar, bass and beat-box rhythm section with Ariana’s vocals, violin and saxophone to create a soulful joyful sound.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: A&A:
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Every Day a Holy Day

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Pete Adams

The son of a folk musician mother, and Blues/ Bluegrass musician father, Pete Adams was drawn to a variety of music genres from an early age.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Pete Adams:
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Christmas on Credit

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Bruce Clarke

Bruce has long been a local favourite, singing well crafted songs, many with the theme of love or love gone wrong. His quick wit is showcased in songs such as “The Larsen’s Weanie” and “Long Johns and Leather”.  He played in the band, Slight of Hand for nine years and appeared with Steve West on the television show, New Faces. He released “Uncommon Sense” in 2013. Bruce can be heard singing at local open mice and benefits.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Bruce Clarke:
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Merry Christmas, Where Are You?

Mike Aubé

With a “voice of smoke and honey”, interesting chord progressions, and an easy stage presence, Mike Aubé is an alt-folk songwriter on a mission to “comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Mike Aubé:
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Jesus Christ, It’s Christmas Again

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Donna Holmes

Donna Holmes operates her own administrative services business by day and is a singer-songwriter by night.  She lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and hosts an open mic every Tuesday evening at the local TAN café.  Donna also writes plays and poems and produces a variety show called Broken Leg Theatre three times a year at the Al Whittle.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Donna Holmes:
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A Christmas Story

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Heather Kelday

Heather’s soulful music is an blend of folk, bluegrass, and jazz. Her strong voice, multi-instrumental talents (including banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and piano), and lyrical passion for the natural world, carve a unique place for her in Canada’s music scene.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Heather Kelday:
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Jack McDonald

Jack is a musician and a thoughtful songwriter who has shared his music with many local musicians in every genre from Old Tyme and  Celtic to Rhythm and Blues.  Jack has two solo albums (“Domestic Acoustic” 2005 and “The Blues Was Settlin’ In” 2010) and currently fronts the three-piece band Up Dog that also features Alex Porter on drums and Kory Bayer on bass.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Jack MacDonald:
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Stuck With Christmas

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Kimberly Matheson

For 20 years, Kimberly Matheson has been crafting songs inspired by the people, places, and events of her life. Living in Wolfville, NS, she has two collections of original songs.   – her debut album, “Never Enough, 2011 and “Just As I Am” in 20114. Presently she is completing her soon to be  released  album “Sweet Spot”.  With a pure folk-singer’s voice, Kimberly’s songs have a beautiful ring of truth and honesty.  For people who live in the Wolfville area, many of her songs also have a special appeal – they reflect us, and this special place where we live.

Sample from Never Enough: Ride that Train

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Caleb Miles

Caleb Miles has spent most of his life  traveling and performing across the US, playing a blend of folk, rock and blues. In 2005 he moved to Nova Scotia and found a vibrant, art-minded community that serves as inspiration to keep writing and performing. He  has cultivated an excellent reputation amongst both local audiences and musicians.

Sample from This Place: Caleb Miles:
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Old Man On the Porch

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Amin Nasr

From an early age Amin wrote poetry, most of which were inspired by Sufi poets such as Rumi and Hafiz. Poetry lead him to write songs and sing. Regardless of how busy, music has always been an integral part of his life, taking time to sing every day. He lives in Wolfville with his wife, Rebecca. His songs have been recorded by Andy and Ariana and Ken Shorley.

Sample from Let the Good New Ring: Amin Nasr:
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Happy Birthday