Cuckoo Moon

Cathy Arsenault and Kate Adams enjoy sharing the art of song writing and having pure fun with arrangements and harmonies.  Cathy and Kate have been performing together for over 20 years.   In 2000 Cuckoo Moon had expanded to 7 members and it was then they recorded their CD “Live at Fundy Folk”.

Sample from Let the Good New Ring: Cuckoo Moon:
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Blessed Night

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Andy & Ariana

Andy and Ariana’s music has been described as a  mix of gypsy, roots, jazz, and blues original music which combines Andy’s guitar, bass and beat-box rhythm section with Ariana’s vocals, violin and saxophone to create a soulful joyful sound.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: A&A:
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Every Day a Holy Day

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The Hupman Brothers Band

Sample from This Place: The Hupman Brothers:

When brothers Ryan and Scott Hupman began playing in the Annapolis Valley, they were quickly recognized for their superb musicianship and soon became local favourites. Prolific songwriters, their songs borrow from blues, rock and roll, jazz, or whatever genre best presents the song. Continue reading The Hupman Brothers Band