The origins of Ruby Throated Records

In August, 2014, Kimberly Matheson asked Ryan and Scott Hupman, The Hupman Brothers, “Wouldn’t it be fun to make a Christmas album of original songs with local singer-songwriters and The Hupman Brothers Band as the session band?”

first draft logo: Ryan Hupman

“Just imagine… the three of them sitting on the porch of the Hupman Brothers Studio, Ryan with a sketch pad, whippin’ up the first rendition of the company logo, Kimberly directing the whole thing with one of them famous wooden spoons and Scott thinkin’ about that 4:20 hertz range…” (count inn)

And so Ruby Throated Records was created to showcase the incredible talent the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, has to offer. It’s first offering, was”Let The Good News Ring: Christmas songs from The Annapolis Valley”, followed up by “This Place, Songs From The Annapolis Valley”.