Pete Adams

The son of a folk musician mother, and Blues/ Bluegrass musician father, Pete Adams was drawn to a variety of music genres from an early age.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Pete Adams:
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Christmas on Credit

At 21, he turned his talents to rapping, and before long had developed a memorable, gritty, flow, tone and writing style. Teaming up with award-winning sound production engineer, Andy Bowmer, and learning the ropes of production along the way, and beat production from, Pete (aka “Sewer Rat” or “Sewa”) released his debut EP, “Sewa From Tha Stix” in 2010 and a digital mixtape, “Blue n Yellow” in 2011.  Also known for being part of Funtime Brigade, he had a hand in creating 7 episodes of Make Time a local talk show podcast. You can find more info about Pete and his music at

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