Blues On Mainstreet (John B. Main)

This Album was recorded at the Sound Market Studio in Wolfville, mixed and mastered by Scott Hupman and features an 8 piece band, including horn section. John Main‘s band took a total of three hours in the recording studio to get this baby into the can…

Sample from Blues on Mainstreet: John B. Main: No Scotch, No Gin

The CD features:

  • John Main (vocals, guitar)
  • Curtis Matheson (guitar)
  • Joe Murphy (harmonica)
  • Alex Porter (drums)
  • Cailun Campbell (bass)
  • Corey McBride (saxophone)
  • Lemuel Johnson (trumpet)
  • Bret Hepburn (trombone)

produced by Ruby Throated Record with Andy Flinn, recorded by Kory Bayer, mixed and mastered by Scott Hupman, graphic design by Deep Hollow Print

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